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About us

In a dynamic economic environment, every company does its best to reduce costs without compromising on quality. Now you have the opportunity to do just that by outsourcing your needs of accounting and expert financial services to us. We will do it responsibly, professionally and for a cheaper price.

Eurobalance was established in 2002 after many years of practical accounting experience of its owners. We are a team of highly qualified professionals and reliable external assistants providing complete accounting, payroll and human resources services, tax consultations, as well as services related to the treatment of crypto assets.

Our prices include everything that you need in order to take care of your business and to leave the accounting and tax responsibility to us.

Our core values


We serve dozens of customers from various industries, and there are no secrets for us in accounting and tax matters. Our employees have extensive professional expertise and experience, which they effectively apply during their work with our customers.


In our contracts, liability is limited to any errors due to our fault. Such provisions cannot be negotiated with any chief accountant on an employment contract.


We do everything that is necessary in order to protect our customers’ rights before the tax authorities, the national social security institute and other local institutions, always aiming for optimal solutions and results.


Our prices are significantly lower than the price of employing in-house accountants or associates, paying for their computers and software, stationery, subscriptions and training.


We offer exceptional flexibility and speed in our work; unlike contract employees we do not interrupt the provisions of our services during holidays or due to sick leave.

Eurobalance Plus OOD

Why choose us?

Most business owners are not fully aware of the financial issues in their companies. Maybe some do, but they don’t possess the knowledge to identify where they’re losing money or missing out on easy optimizations. We understand that.


We care about your business and we want you to succeed. We will take the time to understand your business concept.


We will tailor our services to your needs. We do our best to create personalized financial services that meet your needs as you grow.


We have clear contracts and you won't be hit with any surprise fees – meaning that you can run your business without the fear of your invoice amounts rising every month.

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