Accurate and timely payroll processing and reporting, in full compliance with local regulations and your company’s global corporate policies, requires financial and human resources, professional staff with specialist skills and experience, as well as specialized software. A genuine alternative to processing payroll in-house is to outsource it to a professional provider.

Advantages for your business:

Increased efficiency by focusing your company’s resources on the core business

By freeing up resources, your HR department will be able to concentrate on higher priority tasks.

Access to the accumulated knowledge and methodological base of an outsourcer

Leveraging its hands-on experience and proven methodology in payroll processing, Accounting company Eurobalance is constantly keeping track of upcoming changes in legislation, conducts regular personnel examinations and organizes in-house training and professional knowledge improvement for its staff.

Flexibility in HR management and control over headcount

When a company grows, or undergoes structural reorganization, or targets a merger/acquisition, payroll outsourcing eliminates the need to employ, train and motivate a new group of payroll specialists – you can rely on the professional provider to support you in your business development.

Improved quality of operations with guaranteed speed and accuracy

Outsourcing helps to improve the accuracy of payroll data and reports and to make sure that all requests are promptly fulfilled. Accounting company Eurobalance bears complete responsibility for the quality and timeliness of your payroll processing.

Strict confidentiality of information

By signing a contract with Accounting company Eurobalance, you can rest assured that your employees’ payroll information will be fully protected. A special article of our contract ensures confidentiality of information; we can also sign an additional non-disclosure agreement at the client’s request.

Our Payroll services include the following functional areas:

  • Payroll calculation, including calculation of taxes and contributions, bonuses and compensation.
  • Preparation of bank order instructions for the remittance of employee net pay, taxes and social insurances.
  • Preparation of statutory reporting forms for regulatory authorities.
  • Preparation and filing payslips.  


In the process of service delivery, we make sure that the following terms are met:

  • Service delivery period – two times a month on an algorithm agreed with the client.
  • Standard term of service delivery – up to five working days.
  • Payroll data transfer in the form of documents and files in whatever format the customer requires.

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