Accounting Company Eurobalance provides full support of the client’s Financial and Tax operations, with its own highly qualified staff

 Primary accounting documents processing:

  • Processing of primary documentation: accounts payable and accounts receivable, transfer acts, fixed and material assets.
  • Processing of expense reports, including business trips.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Preparation of payment documents.
  • Ledger accounts reconciliation.

 Closing the accounting period:

  • Closing of the reporting period, foreign exchange differences calculation, deferred tax accruals.
  • Analyzing settlements with debtors/creditors.
  • General Ledger accounts reconciliation and accounting period closing.
  • Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger preparation.
  • Monthly, quarterly, interim or Annual Financial Statements.

Business, tax and corporate accounting:

  • Tax Ledgers maintenance.
  • Balance, profit and loss accounting and other types of accounting for the National Revenue Agency.
  • Preparation and analysis of VAT and property tax data.
  • Tax accounting, profit tax calculations, compiling of tax declarations.
  • Setting up of corporate accounting for the client, including financial reports preparation in compliance with international standards.

Other activities in the field of accounting and legal support:

  • Financing and loans accounting.
  • Preparation and submission of statistical reports.
  • Preparation of Intrastat and VIES declarations.
  • Representation in the taxation, municipal, government, etc. authorities (under the Power of Attorney).
  • Revision and improvement of accounting policies, development of accounting methodology.
  • Development and implementation of the procedure for data exchange between business and accountants.
  • Organization and provision of methodological support for client staff.
  • Implementation of audits.

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