Accounting company Eurobalance is a longtime regular member of Association of the Professional Accounting Companies

We trust the members and we are connected with them.

We are developing together a professional organization in the field of accounting and financial services, which will be complying with uniform ethical principles and norms, with professional ethics, which will observe and support the development of the national accountancy, financial and fiscal legislation.

We are supporting and developing the skills of the members to work on the basis of approved international practices and will popularize these skills.

We are cooperating in the design of effective management, organizational and specialized procedures in the sector in which we are working.

Contact us:

Head Office:
Bulgaria, Sofia 1113, Boulevard Tsarigradsko shose 83,
Entr. A, Office A
Tel/fax +359 2 980-77-47

GPS coordinates: 42°40'35.7"N 23°21'29.2"E