About us

“To  succeed  in  life,  you  need  three  things  –  a  good  doctor, a  forgiving  priest  and  a  clever  accountant” 
From Schindler’s list…

We are your accountants!

In a dynamic economic environment, every company strives to reduce costs without compromising quality. There is a great opportunity to do this by outsourcing your bookkeeping to Accounting company Eurobalance.  We will do it cheaper, responsibly and more professionally.

Accounting company Eurobalance was established as a specialized accounting company in 2002. Managers are with more than 30 years of practical accounting experience in various spheres of economic activity in Bulgaria.

We work with experienced professionals and reliable external associates, providing complete bookkeeping and accounting services. We use modern accounting practices and two-level control of bookkeeping records.

Our basic operating principles are: true, accurate and fair registering of the business results of our customers, mutual trust and complete confidentiality.

 Our prices include everything so that you can care for your business and leave the responsibility of your accounting and taxes, to us.

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Head Office:
Bulgaria, Sofia 1113, Boulevard Tsarigradsko shose 83,
Entr. A, Office A
Tel/fax +359 2 980-77-47

GPS coordinates: 42°40'35.7"N 23°21'29.2"E